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Featured Fashion Blogger Babe: SincerelyJules

Hi Guys, I have a problem. I follow quite a few stylish women so closely on social media that my friends and boyfriend often call me a creep. But these stylish babes are my daily creative inspiration. I need them. Fashion’s cool or whatever, but my obsession goes beyond just liking clothes. I have a deep, genuine passion … Continue reading


Photography by Benjamin Askinas

Benjamin Askinas is a photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA.  Check out more of his awesome work here.


Architectural Abstraction

  Cory Stevens is a Vancouver-based photographer who primarily focuses on urban environments and architecture.  His style offers a unique perspective of the world through his architecture-themed digital abstracts.  Stevens also produces straight photography, which you can check out on his portfolio site here.


Photography by Kristen Wrzesniewski

Kristin Wrzesniewski is a fine art portrait photographer residing in Austin, Texas.  She captures an array of black and white and chromatic photographs that excel in their simplicity.  Check out more of Wrzesniewski‘s work as well as the blog she contributes to: Small Camera Big Picture.


Living Illustration

  Simón Prades was born in 1985 to a German/Spanish family and is an illustrator who currently resides in Saarbrücken, Germany.  Prades uses GIFs in some of his illustrations to bring them to life and applies beautiful textures to depth and emotion. See more of his work on his portfolio site.  


Röyksopp meets The Inevitable End

Röyksopp have released their fifth and final LP – at least, they say, in a “traditional album format.”  The pair of Norwegians have long been one of my favorite duos, this time teaming up again with singer Robyn.  They methodically used dark and brooding electronic sounds, with more pointed emphasis on the lyrical content, to create … Continue reading


Fun Time Weekend Tunes

It’s the weekend.  Again.  Time to party and be lazy and do fun or not fun stuff. Give some of my latest favorite tunes a listen for all of your weekend’s happenings.   Folk Rock   Electro/Hip-Hop   Misc.


Star Wars In Real Life

Thomas Dagg is a 24 year old artist who used his camera and Photoshop in order to bring his Star Wars fanboy dreams to life.  He lives in Toronto and went to great lengths in order to capture these images and make them appear as if they had been taken accidentally in passing.  Dagg said … Continue reading

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Sgt. Pepper, The Flaming Lips and Fwends

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. An album with infinite appraisals and respect. A certifiable masterpiece. Revered by critics and scholars. The greatest rock album of all time. Untouchable? Not if it’s up to The Flaming Lips. Irresistible? That’s more like it. October 27 brought a track-by-track cover of the Beatles album from none other than the … Continue reading


Photography by Davis Ayer

Davis Ayer is a Texan photographer based out of California.  Equipment-wise, he uses a medium format camera (Mamiya with a polaroid back) and a 35mm (Minolta SRT 200).  For digital, he uses a Canon 5D Mark II. Ayer takes a unique approach to each piece that he creates.  Sometimes he uses double exposures, sometimes he … Continue reading



Gutterdust, also known as Andy Wauman, is a Belgian artist who lives in California.  He began as a painter, but has since focused on the mediums of analogue photography, sculpture, and film. Check out his beautiful photography below, characterized by youthful sunny California vibes.  


Logic Drops Debut Album Today – “Under Pressure”

Logic’s highly anticipated debut album, “Under Pressure”, has dropped today and is available for streaming.   For those unfamiliar with Logic, he’s a 24-year-old hip-hop artist from out of Gaithersburg, Maryland.  Throughout his childhood, both his father and mother suffered from crack addiction and alcoholism and he was kicked out of school in the 10th … Continue reading


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