Maya Jane Coles’ BBC1 Essential Mix


Since being named one of the breakout DJs of 2011, Maya Jane Coles has not slowed down. Even with 2 astounding Essential Mix releases in less than 2 years, the crowds are wanting more and more of Coles. The house front-runner made a throbbing return for the BBC Radio 1’s Essential Mix series with a 2-hour long heart-pumping, dance worthy set. Her track listing includes everyone from Rodriguez Jr. and Deetron to Riva Starr and LPZ.

Maya Jane Coles Essential Mix Track listing:
1. The Poet – Rain On April (Yves Le Groove Mix) [OT RECORDS]
2. Joe Stawarz – Suite B [SOMA QUALITY RECORDINGS]
3. [a]pendics.shuffle – Heavy Burdens High feat. Blakkat (Safeword Remix) [ADJUNCT AUDIO]
4. Deep Guys – Roomba (Oceanic Mix) [OT RECORDS]
5. Francesco Rossi – Paper Aeroplane feat. JS & A [D:VISION]
6. Linus Quick – There Shall Be Light (Mike Maass Remix) [WAYWARD MUSIC]
7. [unknown] – Unknown
8. Anonym – I Can’t [VAKANT]
9. Jordan Lieb – Dreams From The Ghetto [SUPERFREQ]
10. P. Wiltshire – Closer [HYPERCOLOUR]
11. Nick Galemore – Pt. 1 [KINDISCH]
12. Maya Jane Coles – Everything feat. Karin Park [I/AM/ME]
13. Rodriguez Jr. – Satellite [MOBILEE]
14. Nana K. – Old’s Cool [RECOVERY TECH]
15. Weltenwandler – Departure [ELECTROPHIL RECORDS]
16. Mad_Us – Hypnoze (Luca Bear Remix) [ARMONIA]
17. Riva Starr & Rssll – Absence (Adam Port Remix) [SNATCH! RECORDS]
18. Marbert Rocel – Small Hours (Daniel Stefanik Remix) [COMPOST]
19. Juliano Silva – 1000 Miles [EON5]
20. LPZ – Council Fonk
21. Deetron – Out Of My Head feat. Ovasoul7 (KiNK Vocal Mix) [MUSIC MAN RECORDS]
22. Alex Piccini & Marka T – Suite Yourself [AMAZING RECORDS]
23. Gianni Amoroso – No Matter How Far [MORNING MOOD RECORDS]
24. Sivesgaard – In The Night (Blond:ish Remix) [EKLEKTISCH]
25. Frederick Alonso – 96 (Tech Mix) [STAB RECORDINGS]
26. Paul Mad – Undes (Alex Piccini remix) [DEEP BEEP RECORDS]
27. Ella Fitzgerald – Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
28. Knox – Fault [LAST NIGHT ON EARTH]

2 Responses to “Maya Jane Coles’ BBC1 Essential Mix”
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